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We have been selling freehold ground rents for over 30 years and are always looking for properties to sell to our long list of ground rent buyers. We cove the whole of London and Greater London. We would be happy to value your ground rents for you free of charge.

The recent increases in house prices across London means that the values of freehold ground rents have also increased. Valuations can need updting regurally particularly in a rising market. This particulalry applies to ground rents that have leases with an unexpired term of under 80 years.

London Ground Rent Values

London ground rent values will often be much higher than similar ground rent across the UK. This is purely doen to the demand for these property investments along with much higher property prices in London and the south-east. Higher property prices mean higher ground rent valuations expecially if any of the leases are under 90 years. We can help you with a free valuation so please call for further information.

We are looking for ground rents in East London West London, North London and South London.

If you are selling a ground rent portfolio anywhere in London we would love to hear from you.

Just call us with details of your property and we will do the rest. Provided you can give us a little information we can carry out a valuation for you. We look forward to hearing from you.

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