Islington Ground Rent Sales

Islington Ground Rent Sales

Islington London N1 8LA Ground Rents For Sale With 7 Flats Paying £500 PA. Asking £10,000

7 flats in converted pub

We are selling the freehold that is subject to 1 x 999 year headlease paying peppercorn ground rent on upper parts

2 x 125 year leases on ground floor flats paying £250 each.

Total £500 per annum

Landlord insures whole building and recovers from lessees.

Current insurance premium £3,300 per annum Leases available for inspection.

Total Current Rent Reserved £500 PA

Asking price £10,000 + intro fee

Asking price £10,000 + Intro Fee

Islington Ground Rent Sales

For Sale