Not Enough Affordable Homes Being Built

Young families are finding that there are not enough affordable homes being built across Britain. Figure released by the housing charity Shelter show that there are so few new homes being built that some working families will never be able to get on the housing ladder. In over half the country less that 10% of suitable homes are affordable for a typical family to buy. In some parts of Britain the problem is more acute with just 10 homes for sale in an entire local authority that is affordable.

Prices Being Pushed Up Further

Whilst the Help To Buy Scheme is good news for some the costs associated with buying a home are still out of reach for many hard working families that want to buy a home for their family. House prices are still to high for families to get on the property ladder. Shelter has been pressing the government to build more affordable new homes to address the root cause of the desperate shortage and has said that homeownership has dropped for the first time since records began. The government has been criticised for supplying cheap home loans and tax funded deposits but not providing enough housing which is pushing house prices up even further.