New garden city to be built in Bicester

The government announced today that another garden city will be built in Bicester. The announcement is the second garden city to be presented to the public by the coalition government. The new city will have 13,000 new homes built on it and will be situated on the edge of Bicester.

The people of Bicester will also get a new railway station to serve the new homeowners. Bicester will see some big improvements to roads and new schools have been promised. The government has also confirmed that major infrastructure improvements will be carried out as part of a Nation Infrastructure Plan. The treasury went on to say that another £2bn was being prioritised to build 55,000 new homes every year until 2020.

Whilst this is welcome news it will be interesting to see if the government can actually deliver even if the money is there. Currently there are problems with some of the partnership builders that the government is working with. National housebuilders are very reluctant to get involved in these large schemes unless it is handed to them on a plate.

They are simply too busy with their own building programmes which are seen as far more profitable. In a veiled threat to the building industry the government has said that it will go ahead and build new homes itself it it has to. The government is unhappy because it has sold vast swathes of the UK to large property companies who have sat on the sites without building new homes. They have added these sites to their land banks and are waiting for prices to increase even further.

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