Waldegrave Rd N8 OQA Ground Rents

Waldegrave Rd N8 OQA Ground Rents Sales 2 Flats


Waldegrave Rd N8 OQA Ground Rent Sales Recently Acquired For Clients

Freehold For Sale With 1 x lease of 99 yrs from 1999

The property comprises victorian house converted into two flats.

Flat A. 189 years from 25/03/1986 paying peppercorn ground rent.

Flat B. (first floor 1 bed flat. VP circa £400k) 99 years from 25/3/2002 paying annual ground rent of £50.00 PA

The roof space is undemised and could be monetised in future.

Landlord is responsible for management and insurance and recovers from lessees.

Acquired for clients. Properties always required