Nine million private renters could decide election

As the private rental sector increases year on year the number of tenants that would like to buy a home also increases. According to a recent poll by Generation Rent, many floating voters are likely to vote for the party that will consider their housing needs. In other words these people are likely to vote for the party that does the most to improve their standard of living..

Whilst the government has been doing a let to help families over the last couple of years the voters will be looking for more. They want lot of issues addressed. Some of the major concerns are

  • The number of tenants evicted was 200,000 in 2013 for no reason of the own
  • The cost of rented accommodation is too high
  • Unexpected landlord fees or agents fees
  • Not enough rented accommodation available Regulation of the lettings industry

Private tenants may decide 2015 election

There are over nine million renters in Britain and nearly all of them will be looking to the government to not only address their housing concerns but to address their standard of living that has been diminishing over the last five years.

The recent poll of over 1,000 tenants showed that 35% of those questioned said that they vote for different parties between elections making them swing voters. With over nine million voters in rented accommodation there are rich pickings for any party that is able to address concerns of these tenants.

With 86 parliamentary seats where the majority is less than 35% this means that is is quite possible that these tenants could decide the outcome of the general election in 2015. There is also a growing number of voices that want the government to regulated the lettings industry.

Many feel that there are too many abuses with the lettings industry with rogue landlords and letting agents responsible for most of the complaints made by tenants. The government has said that the number of tenants across Britain is now at record levels and it may now be necessary to regulated the industry.