New town to be built in Ebbsfleet

In a pre-budget statement the Chancellor George Osborne announced plans to build a new garden city in Ebbsfleet in Kent. He was immediately rounded on by the Labour party who said that this was nothing new and that this was a proposal put forward in 2007 and extended in 2012. The announcement will be good news for local people looking to get on the housing ladder and will mean thousands of new homes will be built in an area that is in desperate need of new housing.

Garden cities are nothing new, the first so called garden cities were created in the 1950′s and 1960′s and are seen as away of tackling the current housing crisis. The government has said that we need to build more than 200,000 new homes every year just to keep up with current demand. Currently we are not building anywhere near this figure which is one of the reasons house prices are being pushed up higher.

The government has plans to be several garden cities in an effort to boost the housing supply. Two years ago the prime minister David Cameron gave a speech supporting these new towns but not much has been heard since. The Liberal Democrats have been pushing for the publication of the plan for the new garden towns as it is seen as a Liberal Democratic Policy.

The Conservative part have been accused of going cold on the idea of the new towns in order to avoid a backlash in the Tory heartlands. Tory ministers have however claimed that an announcement will be made soon regarding the new towns and detailed plans would be announced before the next election.

The new town in Ebbsfleet will have 23,000 new homes constructed over 20 years. The government is keen to point out that this scheme is addition to it’s other plans will go some way towards solving our housing shortage.

They also have plans for a Build to rent scheme which will work in partnership with developers to build homes that will be rented out and not sold. This is a new idea and new homes are already being built to rent. the build to rent scheme is currently in it’s early stages but the government is leading the way and looking to expand the scheme with well know developers across Britain.