No affordable housing in new garden cities

It has been revealed that there will be no requirement to build affordable homes or low-cost homes in any of the new Garden Cities that have been in the news recently. The Chancellor George Osborne announced that the government would be funding the development of so called Garden Cities such as the new development at Ebbsfleet.

The revelation was made by Tory minister Nick Boles who conceded that there would be no specific requirement to include low cost accommodation on these new developments. Nick Boles went o to say that forcing the developers to build developments with significant numbers of affordable homes would push developers away at a time when the Government was trying to forge new partnerships with developers with a view to building large scale sites.

This comes despite the deputy prime minister Nick Clegg’s claims that there would be a number of affordable homes within these new garden cities. The garden cities would provide 15,000 new homes and it was assumed that some of them would be provided to house low income families. It would seem that that this is not the case and there will be calls from the Labour party for an explanation and a guarantee that more affordable homes will be built in these new developments.

The government has announced £2.4bn in funding to build these new cities and it is impossible to see how this is going to be done without providing any affordable homes particularly with the acute demand for low cost accommodation across the south-east of England.

The government will be accused of not taking the current crisis seriously. It has already been accused by the Labour party of disregarding the needs of hard working families by failing to provide enough social housing. This will be seized upon by the Labour Party who will accuse Tories of cozying up to their big developers friends and party donors.