Prices in South East To Increase By 32%

According to research carried out by Savilles house prices will outpace prices in London as buyers that can’t afford to buy in London look a little further afield. The research also shows that the era of record home ownership is over as more turn to rented accommodation which will push rental prices up further.

It has been suggested that house prices in the affluent parts of the south-east will increase by 32% over the next five years.

In contrast for the first time in a decade prices in London will increase by 24%. The research has highlighted the problem that continued price increases will bring. Many buyers are still unable to get onto the housing ladder despite the various schemes that are being offered to homeowners.

Many analysts are concerned that this current boom is being funded by cheap debt and that it is all going to end horribly. However for the time being homeowners will be more confident about the market and it os hoped that this will benefit the economy.