Home ownership lowest in 25 years

There has been a big shift in the number of that own their own homes over the last few years. Home ownership fell to it’s lowest level in 2012/13 as house price increases and tougher lending criteria makes the dream of owning your own home ever more difficult.

There has been a bug shift in the number of people in private rented accommodation compared to tenants renting from the council. The latest English Housing Survey showed that the number of owner occupiers was just over 65% compared to 71% in 2003 and is now at it’s lowest level since records began in 1987.

What will concern many families is that they will be shuffling from one short term let to another and not having the security of owning your own home and putting down roots. Having to move home too often is disruptive particularly if you have a young family and have to move schools and everything that comes with it.

There is increasing calls for the government to start building more affordable homes to help those families that are locked out of home ownership.