Government announces proposals for minimum space standards for homes

A consultation process has begun which will look at whether the government should introduce minimum space standards for homes across Britain. The news will be welcomed by may tenant and homeowners across Britain and will be possibly be part of the building standards review that the government is conducting.

The new minimum space standards is designed to improve the living standards of many people across Britain. It will also stop developers from building new homes that are tiny and are not suitable for local needs such as those of older people and the disabled.

Currently local councils are able to set their own space standards which are sometimes not in line with local family needs. It will mean that developers will have to build bigger homes which they will not be enthused by as it will mean fewer properties on each site that they develop. Indeed many developers are against the proposals on the grounds that it will push up costs.

Currently the raft of regulations are complicated and the amount of red tape needs to be reduced as far as the regulations are concerned. The government is keen to cut this red tape by 90% as part of it’s review. this will certainly be welcomed by house builders and councils alike who often complain that the amount of regulations around building control are overwhelming and stifles the house building process.

If the government could do one thing to get Britain building again it would be to speed up the house building regulations. planning rules are changing but building regulations have not kept up which means that there is still a big delay in getting properties built to satisfy the demand of first time buyers and families looking to move. By introducing a set of rules/standard that councils have to adhere to life will be much much simpler and provide clarity and certainty and will speed up the house building process.

Currently there is a push for sustainable new homes across the UK and strong guidelines are necessary to ensure good quality homes are built with less red tape. Hopefully we will be able to say goodbye to the shoe boxes that are sold in London.

It is difficult to see how this is going to work in London where space is bought and sold at a big premium. Developers are not going to be interested in building bigger flats and will lobby the government. It is a liberal democrat policy and therefore by no means certain to get the go ahead as the developers will have the ear of the Conservatives who ultimately want as many flats built as possible to house our ever growing population.