Reforms to be introduced by Ed Milliband

Ed Milliband has said that if the Labour party were to get into Downing street they would make major changes to the way the rentals market conducts itself. The Labour Party said that he wants to see immediate changes to the way that tenants are being treated and wants more to be done to help Britain’s nine million tenants.

Current legislation is not doing enough to protect tenants who in many cases are being evicted because of unreasonable landlords who are able to evict tenants in favor of other tenants that will pay more rent.

The Labour party wants to put an end to this by forcing landlords to create tenancy agreements for a minimum of three years where the tenants could only be evicted under special circumstances. They would only be able to evict tenants if they were in breach of their contract. Initially the tenancy would have a probationary six month period which would be followed by a two and a half year contract in which the tenants would be able to give one months notice after six months more rent.

The Labour party is also going to stop all fees that tenants have to pay before moving into a property. Instead of charging tenants fees that lettings agents will only be able to charge landlord fees. There have been many complaints from tenants who have been ripped off by lettings agencies who have been able to charge tenant signing fees as well as fees for taking references and fees for inventories. The industry has also been able to cook up other types of fees for tenants that the Labour party wants to put an end to.

The Labour party will be looking to appeal to Britain’s nine million renters that are being given a raw deal by landlords and their managing agents. They also want to put a stop to Landlords forcing up rents on an annual basis. This is causing major problems in the rentals sector because tenants are being forced out of their homes because of steep annual rental increases. Often the tenants are evicted because they refuse to pay. Ed Milliband wants to put a stop to this with new legislation.