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Ed Balls: Help to Buy should be cut


The Bank Of England has announced that it will be stopping the Funding For Lending scheme for new loans and mortgages. Businesses will still have access to the scheme that offers cheap money to struggling businesses.

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Buyers continue to pile into the property market


Buyers continue to pile into the property market

Buyers are piling into the property market at an unprecedented level according to sequence. This is having a direct effect on property prices as buyers scramble to buy whatever they can get their hands on.

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Boris announces new houses to be built in London


The Mayor of London has announced plans to build 420,000 new homes in London over the next ten years. Announcing the plans at a press conference in Greenwich square yesterday he said that the housing shortage was so acute that it was the biggest threat to the London economy.

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Mortgage rescue scheme scrapped


£200m Scheme Scrapped Ahead Of Spring 2014 The £200m mortgage scheme that was launched by the Labour government in 2008 has been scrapped ahead of schedule. The scheme that helps homeowners that are struggling to make their mortgage payments was due to end in the spring of 2014 but will now end at the end

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Personal debt levels rise to £160bn in the UK


A recent report carried out by a think tank has revealed that unsecured debts amongst Britain’s poorest families are now at record levels. Research carried out by Maxed out, a right leaning think tank is concerned that some of Britain’s hard pressed families

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Mortgage lending hits 5 year high as market continues to recover


Mortgage Lending Continues To Improve Banks and building societies have released figures today that show that mortgage lending is at a five year high. Gross mortgage lending rose to £17.6bn in October which is up by over 30% on the same in 2012.

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It's Cheaper To Rent Than Buy A Home


Buyers Taking On Too Much Debt A campaign group has suggested that it would be better for some would be buyers to continue to rent in order to raise a bigger deposit to put towards the purchase of their new home.

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More Boom And Bust Down The Line


Figure released by the government have shown a dramatic drop in the unemployment figures prompting many market commentators to suggest that interest rates may go up sooner rather than later.

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House prices pushed higher due to supply shortage


With the number of buyers flooding the market there is no let up in house price increases. The number of first time buyers has massively increases owing to the Help To Buy Scheme that is being offered to anybody that wants to get on the housing ladder.

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Fewer properties being built now then at any time since the turn of the century


Just Over 100,000 Homes Being Built Annually We are building fewer homes now than for nearly 100 years. This comes as new properties being built has continued falling over the last five years and is now 125,000 less than in the peak of 2008.

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Prices in South East To Increase By 32%


The Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors have said that they would like to see stamp duty changes introduced by the Chancellor George Osborne. Stamp duty land tax has not been reviewed for many years despite the surge in house prices over the last twenty years

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Young Families Find Buying A Home Is Out Of Reach


Young families are finding that there are not enough affordable homes being built across Britain. Figure released by the housing charity Shelter show that there are so few new homes

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Homeowners think prices will rise in next six months


Practically everybody that owns a property believes that house prices will rise over the next six months according to survey carried out by Zoopla, the online estate agency. In excess of 9,000 homeowners took part in the survey and the figures are an increase on the previous three months when 80% believed that prices would rise.

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