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Landlords with new empty homes could be fined


Landlords could be fined up to £60,000 In an attempt to clamp down on the number of new homes that are empty councils in London could be given the powere to fine landlords and property investors. These so called Buy To Leave investors will be watching closely as the fines imposed could be as much

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Property prices increase in March


Buyers that are keen to buy a home are continued to push house prices up in March. Houses and flats are now on the market for the shortest time since 2008 as buyers hoover up whatever becomes available.

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Private tenants could decide 2015 election


As the private rental sector increases year on year the number of tenants that would like to buy a home also increases. According to a recent poll by Generation Rent

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Coalition signs deal on Build to Rent homes


190 new homes to be built in six counties The government announced yesterday that it had signed a deal to build 190 new homes under it's Build to Rent Scheme. The reason that announcement was announce was not so much the 190 homes were being built but the fact that the scheme is finally under

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Government helps 100,000 buyers since 2010


The communities minister Eric Pickles has revealed that the government has helped over 100,000 families get a foot onto the housing ladder.

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British obsession with property ownership


There is an obsession amongst the British with owning their own home. But recent figures suggest that for the first time in a generation home ownership has decreased over recent years and is continuing it’s decline....

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Self build homes to benefit from section 106 exemption


A major boost for people that intend to build their own homes has been announced by the governments Community Secretary Eric Pickles. Currently a levy is applied to all most new homes that are built in the private sector.

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Banks concerned over luxury homes in London


Luxury developments may already be overvalued In a recent interview the head of corporate real estate at Lloyds Banking Group said that it was concerned over the rapid price rises on luxury developments in London. John Feeney said that whilst it would still lend to developers of luxury homes it was doing so with caution

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Pension reforms may push up house prices


Experts have warned that there could be some unintended consequences for the housing market as as pensioners could invest their pension pots in the property market. From April 2015 pensioners will have more control over how they invest in their futures and could turn to the property market. Industry

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More people now rent privately than from the council


Figures recently released by the government show that more tenants now rent a property in the private sector than from their local council or housing association. The number of new homes that are being built by local authorities and the fact that so many council owned properties have been sold of........

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Payday loans used to pay rent and mortgages


Tell us something that we don’t already know! The supply of homes that are coming to the market has fallen again for the sixth consecutive month

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Vince Cable concerned over property market


As house prices continue to rise there is concern amongst top liberal democrats that the property market is going to blow itself out and another crisis may ensue unless action is taken to curb house price inflation. Concern continues that the market is in the grip of a boom and that it is unsustainable.

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Property down valuations across the south east


With the runaway property market comes rising house prices and the unwillingness of surveyors to agree that a property is worth what it has been greed at. Down valuations are now affecting sales across London and the south east as surveyors disagree over the price agreed.

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Mortgage lending up 43% in February


According to the Council Of Mortgage Lenders (CML) mortgage lending grew in February compared to the same month last year

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Government revolutionises the pension industry


From next year people reaching the age of retirement will be able to spend their pension pot in any way they want.

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Eight buyers chase every home across Britain


According to estate agents the number of buyers that are chasing each home that comes ontot he market has risen to an all time high of eight.

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Who gets what in the Budget?


The Chancellor Of The Exchequer yesterday announced a change in the threshold at which people start paying tax. T

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Crack down on buy-to-leave investors


The government has announced a crack down on companies that use a company structure to purchase properties over £500,000. From midnight anyone buying a property for £500,000 will have to pay stamp duty of 15%

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Tougher mortgage scrutiny for buyers from 26th April


In a pre-budget statement the Chancellor George Osborne announced plans to build a new garden city in Ebbsfleet in Kent.

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Budget 2014: What to expect.


The Chancellor will set out his plans for the UK economy over the next 12 months. Since taking over at the treasury he has overseen the economic recovery but he has said that his job is far from done.

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Property market transactions reach six year high


The number of homes changing hands across Britain is now at it’s highest level since 2008 according to the Royal institute of Chartered Surveyors. As the property market goes from strength to strength.

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Help To Buy Scheme extended until 2020


Housebuilders will be rubbing their hands with glee with the announcement that the government has extended the help to buy scheme for newly built homes

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Councils rub shoulders with oligarchs In Cannes


Councils across Europa attending the MIPIM property forum in Cannes stand accused of selling off some of Europe best known cities to international property developers. Every year deals are done at the forum which which takes place in the Palais des Festivals for a week in March and is known as a global property trading zone that attracts rich property investors and Oligarchs.

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