New Homes In London Come With On-Site Primary School

With the squeeze on school places particularly across London some developers are being forced to build new primary schools as part of their planning consents. Some of the UK's biggest developers such as Wimpy homes are large developments such as Nine Elms in Battersea that will feature a school which is on-site.

The new schools will provide much needed places for the overwhelming number of children going to primary schools. This year has seen many complaints from parents who's children have not been given their first choice of school.

New schools will be attached to new developments

This trend of attaching schools to new developments is likely to continue as land and space in London comes at a premium and there is simply not enough school places to accommodate the increasing number of children in all London boroughs.

From the council's point of view this is an excellent way of getting modern schools built especially at a time when money is scarce and further cuts will be made over the next 5 years and local councils have already been warned that there will be a squeeze on money available for schools and education.

200,000 extra school places will be needed by 2020 according to government

Most of these schools are built on large developments where the number of homes exceeds 200 new units. There are various projects currently under construction across the Capital that will each provide around 400 place each for the capital's hard pressed schools.

The government currently estimate that we will need a further 200,000 additional school places across Britain and this is likely to increase going forward. Attaching schools to new homes in London is an excellent way of providing school places.