Unused Public Land Is Sold Off By Government

Eric Pickles has announced that the government has already exceeded its target of unused land sales for this parliament. In a statement issued today the Communities Secretary said that the government had released enough unused public land to build 700,000 new homes across Britain. It was now calling on local councils and housebuilders to build the homes to try and go some way toward dealing with the current housing crisis.

According to the government most of these sites have been redundant and are now being put to good use. He called on councils to follow the governments example and identify sites that may be suitable for development. It would like to see these sites developed which will help local families and also raise much needed cash for the councils.

Housing starts are now at the highest levels since 2007 and the government is keen for this to continue. The government has been pulling out all of the stops and is also going to release further land for the development of a further 150,000 new homes to be built between 2015 and 2020.

On top of this the government also made big changes to the planning system making it easier to get planning and cutting much of the red tape. This is debatable as most will know who have to deal with planners across the UK. Many would argue that the planning system has not been simplified and that the planning system is still too complex.


Building Starts Are Improving Year On Year

According to experts the government needs to maintain the momentum if we are to get anywhere near enough homes built over the next decade. We are still way behind because the recession put so many companies out of business. The number of new homes built between 2009 -2010 was only 115,000.

The housing market was one of the biggest casualties of the financial crash of 2008 with the global credit crunch. Since it has come to power the government has tried to help house builders and buyers to get things moving. House builders have been offered funding to get the new homes built and buyers are being offered a whole raft of incentives to get things moving again. in a statement made back in 2009 the government said that its priority is to get Britain building again.