House Hunters Forced To Pay Asking Prices

It is still a sellers market as many buyers are finding out. You may be able to sell your property easily enough but you will find it harder to purchase a property at a discounted price as buyers outnumber homes for sale. the number of sellers having to reduce their asking prices has fallen with most homeowners getting their asking prices and in many cases selling for more than their asking prices.

The same can be said across the housing market in all price brackets. The property market is booming and will continue to do so as long as the economy continues to improve and interest rates remain where they are. Accordingto Zoopla the market has had a boost since the general election and it was clear a conservative government would be elected. As soon as the outcome of the election was clear vendors were increasing the prices of the homes and refusing to take any offers.

You are less lkely to get a dicount on a home across London and the south-east becasue there are simply not enough homes for sale. There are far too many buyers and they are soaking up everyhting that comes up for sale. Buy to let landlords are also buying up whatever comes available and they are also pushing up house prices.