George Osborne Announces Planning Relaxation To Build More Homes

The Chancellor of the exchequer has announced far reaching planning reforms in a bid to help developers get more new homes through the planning system.

Often cited as a major issue is the lengthy processes that developers have to go through in order to obtain planing consent to build new homes. Counciuls are often accused of too much bureaucracy and often seen as obstructing the planing process.

Planning Rules On Brownfield Sites To Be Relaxed

Now the government has said that the planning process will be made set aside for brownfield sites across the UK and that Londoners will be able to add 2 storeys to their homes without planning permission. Londoners will be able to build up to the same level of their neighbors and not have to go through the expense of applying for planning permission. The Chancellor went on to say that we are incapable of building new homes and that a relaxation of the rules is vital if we are to ease the housing crisis.

Decisions taken away from local councils

There has already been uproar over the new rules because homes on brownfield sites will automatically be granted planning permission and taken out of the hands of local councils. The government has been accused of trying to centralizing some planning decisions and in many cases will result in developments being built without the concerns of local people taken into consideration. This in itself seems to be a shift away from the much heralded localism policy that has been trumpeted by the Tory Party

The decision has been welsomed by property developers

Of course the news has been welcomed by house builders and property developers who have said that this will unlock many of the sites that are currently under consideration for planning. This decision means that they can now get on and build these sites. The biggest problem for the councils is that the planning departments are severely underfunded which means that planning decisions are often delayed at considerable expense to developers.

Government on target to build 200,000 homes a year by 2017

According to the government they are on target to build up to 200,000 new homes a year because of the decisions that have been taken over the last five years. This is still below the number of new homes required but is certainly a step in the right direction.

Greenbelt to be protected by government

They have said that they will continue to protect the greenbelt and that the new measures are a way of doing that because they will increase the densities on brownfield sites and sites within cities. It has ti be said that the cost and time it takes to gain panning permission is unacceptable in this country and needs to be totally overhauled.

Councils forcing developers to go through the appeals process

There are some councils that totally refuse to grant permission for new homes to be built and leave the planning decisions to the planning inspectorate. Many councils shy away from granting permission for new homes because of the uproar from local people. Better for them to refuse planning and force the applicant to take the matter to appeal with costs even more time and costs even more money.