Detached Homes Now More Popular Than Ever

The demand for new detached houses has now reached levels not seen since the boom of 2007. Figures releases by the National House Builders Council show that as many as 38,000 new detached homes were registered in 2014. This is the highest number since 2004 nd is a 25% increase on 2013. There has been a shift since the much criticised housing densities that were introduced by the former deputy prime misister John Prescott In 2,000.

The change in poilcy back in 2,000 led to a boom in blocks of flats being built particularly in and around the London area. of course this is still the case but this is not the case outside of the city.

Detached Homes Are Making A Comeback

According to NHBC there has been a change in the demand for family homes which has meant that the numer of new flats being built has dropped. In 2013 the number of new flats that were registered stood at 46,658. This is down considerably from a figure of 90,221 flats that were rrgistered back in 2008. Clearly the demand has changed from flats to family homes and this is reflected in the homes that are being built by housebuilders.

It would appear that detached houses and semi detached homes are the most popular with bungalows also being in good demand. If you exclude london from the figure the number ratio of houses to flats increases dramitically.


Londoners Moving Out Becasue Of High Prices

The number of flats registered in London as with any city is higher than outside of London. Many Londoners are now moving out of the city as they look to take avantage of the very high prices and in many cases it is these homeowners that are driving the market in the suburbs. Many flat owners are aboe to swap their small 2 bedroomed flat for a newly built detached house and have some change left over.

Many young families have sold their flats in exchange for a detached house with a garden. It is likely this trend will continue if prices continue to rise. Many sellers are worried that they will miss the opportunuty to move to the suburbs if prices in London fall. Another reason Londoners are moving out is that they are not able to buy the home they want in London because the prices are too high.