Details Of Criminal Landlords To Be Published On New Database

A new database is going to be set up with details of landlords that have been found guilty od an offence under the housing act 2004. This means that rogue landlords and landlords that have been found guilty of misbehaviour and other bad practices will have their details published which will enable housing associations and councils to steer their tenants clear of these rogue landlords.

Councils will now be able to make informed decisions

It will also also enable tenants to make an informed decision over who they want as their landlord. A landlord that has already been convicted of bad practices and in some instances providing accommodation which is sub-standard is unlikely to change their behaviour. councils will be able to use this information to make informed decisions.

There is already a database for rogue companies that have been found guilty under the housing act 2004. A council is able to access this database before they allow a tenant to move into a rented property. They can trial through the database to find out if the landlord is a fit and proper person.

Database to provide details of rogue landlords

The database has cases that have been put before a tribunal and information about the conviction. Whilst it is at the lower scale of criminal behaviour it is a good indicator and many councils are able to make a decision based on evidence provided by the courts.

Many of these criminal companies are already receiving hundreds of thousands of pounds in rents from housing associations and are providing sub-standard accommodation. It is only now that the councils are introducing licences licences which carries out checks on whether a landlord or company passes the fit and proper persons criteria.

It is hoped that rogue landlords will be forced to bring their rented homes up to a much better standard if they are to be successful in letting their homes through local councils or housing associations. Tenants on housing benefit will also be able to find out who they are renting from which will also empower them to make an in