50,000 Families Moved Out Of London As Benefit Cuts Bite

According to a report carried out by the independent newspaper more than 50,000 families have been quietly moved out of the capital because the government is unwilling to pay the high rents being charge in some London boroughs.

Families that have been affected by the welfare cuts have been affected most over the last three years as the coalition government introduced the various welfare cuts. These include the bedroom tax and the benefit cap that formed part of the coalition agreement.

Tenants have also been moved out because of soaring rents and lack of available housing in the capital. The Labour party have rounded on the government and has said that the current situation is unacceptable because tenant are being forced to move away from their families as well as their support networks. This is causing difficulties with families as families are uprooted and moved to other parts of the Uk where housing is available.

Councils refuse to publish placement figures of people moved out of the capital

According to leaked documents there are a disturbing number of families being shipped out by London boroughs. despite promises by the coalition that they would not force families out of the capital some reports suggest that up to 500 poor families a week are being moved out of London and this figure is rising. Councils have refused to release figures on the number of families being moved but some commentators believe the figure could be much higher than those in the media.

Councils across London forcing families to move to Manchester, Pembrokeshire and Hastings.

Top of the list of councils that are moving tenants out of their boroughs are: Southwark 437, Wandsworth 374, Newham 323, Tower Hamlets 306, Barnet 304, Lambeth 277, Westminster 274, Waltham Forest 269, Croydon 222, Brent 202. These are figure from July to September 2014 and it is believed that these numbers have increased over the last 18 months.

London's councils have refused to publish figures but it has been suggested that there are a very high number of homeless mothers with children being moved out of London. It is suggested that over 2,000 families have been moved out over the last two years to areas such as Manchester, Dover, Bradford, Hastings and Pembrokeshire. Of course these families are being moved into homes that local families need and this is causing resentment in these areas.

The uprooting of the families is also causing mental health issues as families struggle to cope with the move and the removal of their support network. This is also having an impact on local health services and is also another cause for concern amongst local people. It is very difficult to get a precise number of the families being placed outside of London as the process is kept quiet and figures are not published. There have been lots of complaints from councils that have been receiving these tenants because in many cases they have not been made aware of the families circumstances or the support that they need.

Leaked documents show true extent of families forced to move

According to a leaked document published in the Independent the number of families that have been shipped out of London could be as many as 50,000 families have been dumped on councils outside of London. This is causing bitter resentment particularly amongst the families being moved who are often moved to parts of the UK where they have no family or friends. It is thought that hundreds of thousands of children have been moved out of the capital which is also having an effect on schools and welfare services outside of London. This is understandably causing a strain on local services that are already overstretched.

Labour member disgusted over current housing policy

There is disgust over what is happening according to Tony Copley who is Labour member for the London Assembly who went on to say that London is being "hollowed out" Mr Copley claims that London is being socially cleansed on an unprecedented scale and threatens the very fabric of London. Mixed communities are at the heart of London with it's cultural diversity. The very heart of London is being ripped out as more and more poor families are moved to other parts of the UK.