Confidence Is High Amongst Homeowners

Practically everybody that owns a property believes that house prices will rise over the next six months according to survey carried out by Zoopla, the online estate agency. In excess of 9,000 homeowners took part in the survey and the figures are an increase on the previous three months when 80% believed that prices would rise.

This news will be welcomed by the government who are keen to see people spending again. However there is clearly a north south divide. House prices in London and the south-east are rocketing compared to the north of England and some parts of the North have not recovered from the price falls of 2008/2008. Londoners are the most optimistic with 97% of homeowners believe that prices will continue to rise in their area over the next six months.

Homeowners In The north See Confidence Rise

There is also a confidence booster in parts of the north where people believe that prices will rise is in the Yorkshire, the West Midlands and the Humber. In the previous three months 78% of people believed that prices would go up compared to the latest figure of 90%. This will be seen as an encouraging sign from the government who are keen to see the whole of Britain benefit from the incentives that have been introduced b y the government.

Tax Receipts From Property Sales

Also Increase Figures released by the Office For National Statistics revealed that tax receipts were already £1.93 Billion higher that in the first six months of this near is comparison to last year. it must be said however that most of this would have come from sales of property across London and the south-east. The increase in house prices would have also boosted tax receipts particularly as there is a boom at the upper end of the property market in London.